Corporate Nutrition

Healthy eating workshops and cooking lessons

A hands-on series of 4 workshops/cooking classes aimed at improving food preparation skills for healthy balanced meals and snacks. Participants will learn the art of preparing easy and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks with a focus on minimising time and effort involved. Healthy cooking is a great skill to have in order to improve nutrition, health and wellbeing for life. 


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Health and wellbeing workshops

Health and wellbeing workshops are offered in 3 sessions, focussing on issues for those with busy work schedules. The outcomes of the workshops are to improve nutritional knowledge of foods and products, provide skills to make healthful food choices, and how to maintain a balanced diet in the context of a busy work-life balance. 


Nutrition education seminars

Nutrition seminars involve 6 education sessions/lectures which cover a broad range of relevant nutrition topics from general healthy eating, healthy meal preparation and ideas, to mindful eating, and similar topics.