Healthy Cooking Classes and Workshops

With all things nutrition and cooking, this service combines cooking classes with hands on workshops that cover a range of topics. From basic recipe preparation, ideas for weekly meal planning, to healthy eating as a family, this service has something for everyone. Novice cooks will become confident in making meals from scratch, and more advanced cooks can learn to prepare weekly meals and add flavour and variety without the extra calories. Lessons can be undertaken on their own, or in combination with any others offered. 

Basics of healthy cooking and eating 

This course has 5 lessons which runs through the basics on how to become a Masterchef of simple, healthy, home cooked meals. You learn how to perfectly cook foods from the five food groups of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. 

Please enquire to find out more about each lesson and course package prices. 



How to prepare weekly meals for a busy lifestyle 

Learn to make healthy meals that are available throughout the week which are tasty, affordable and practical. 



Healthy snacks and desserts

Stuck on ideas for in between meals, after the gym or after dinner? Look no further than this comprehensive guide for simple, healthy snacks.