Services Overview

We have a variety of nutrition services available, ranging from more personal one-on-one consults, to larger groups, including workshops and presentations for businesses and corporate health programs as well as schools, sports clubs and community centres. Each of these are individually tailored to the needs of the person or group. 

Individual consultations

Individual consultations are the most common service offered. You will receive one-on-one time to identify your specific nutritional needs and work through goals with an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. 


          Group            CONSULTATIONS

Group consultations are helpful for those requiring nutrition advice for a common nutrition issue such as Diabetes, weight management, high cholesterol and similar. 


           corporate                    nutrition        

Do you want to improve the nutrition, health and wellbeing of your employees and promote a healthier work environment for greater productivity? Workshops, cooking classes and talks tailored to those on a busy work schedule may be the answer. 

         Supermarket                       tours                           

Dive in head first and learn how to choose the right products for yourself amongst all the confusion that supermarkets can offer. 

Healthy Cooking Classes and workshops

Learn to prepare fresh, simple and nutritionally balanced dishes from scratch which will help you reach your nutrition goals. 

   Presentations and                 talks                              

Tailored nutrition talks for a range of audiences, such as teenagers, elderly and sporting teams.